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Construction and Renovation

Sunset Pools is experienced in all phases of pool maintenance, including (but not limited to) the services as listed below. Expert engineers and support staff are dedicated to maintaining your structural and equipment systems, ensuring that your pool runs at a consistently optimal level of performance.

Total Pool Renovation

When your pool is in need of renovation, trust the highly-trained engineers of Sunset Pools to provide efficient repair and replacement services for all pool-related equipment. As a full-service management company, their in-house consultation team and construction crew will transform your pool into one that remains in top condition.

Filter System

For consistently clear water, your filter requires routine cleanings and maintenance, and Sunset Pools makes it a priority to check every filtration system on continual basis to make sure it is functioning properly. Should your system require replacement, their line of the latest in filter systems is available for purchase as well.

White Coat

Coping and Tile

In addition to equipment repair and replacement, Sunset Pools is experienced in resetting or replacing stones and tiles that adorn your pool and deck. Refacing broken or off-set stones and tiles is an affordable way to makeover your pool, and their skilled staff will make the pool, surrounding deck and lounging areas safer for residents and guests, in addition to creating a look that is simply beautiful.

Leak Detection

Leaks in your foundation or surrounding areas can result in thousands of dollars lost, but Sunset Pools can detect and repair these costly leeks, and replace various equipments that may lead to leaks.




Lighting Systems

Pump and Motor

As two of the most important pieces of equipment for the pool, it can lead to major problems if malfunction of either the pump or motor arise. Sunset Pools provides pump and motor repair and replacement services for both large and small pools, so you'll never have to worry about the condition of your facility.

Skimmer Replacement

If a skimmer isn't working properly, it often results in leaks or filtration malfunction, causing your expenses to rise significantly or for the water in the pool to remain cloudy and full of debris. Sunset Pools offers a full line of skimmers and will install a new one for you at a moment's notice, so that your bills stay low and your water stays clean.

Concrete Decks

Sunset Pools replaces broken or cracked concrete deck sections, which can often become a danger to pool patrons. Replacing sections will ensure that residents and guests are safe to lounge on deck, while maximizing the aesthetic atmosphere of your pool's surrounding areas.